Inspiring the next generation of plant scientists!

Sci-Seedlets resources are designed to nurture educational outcomes for school children

Thaliana: Quest For Gene X!

‘Thaliana: Quest for Gene X’ is our first of its kind serious game offering. It allows children to explore the world of plant science research within the magic circle of the game.

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Sci-Seedlets in Use

Sci-Seedlets provides educational tools to nurture wider interest in plant sciences and STEM research

Sci-Seedlets is improving public awareness of the role of plants and plant scientists

Partners include plant scientists, computer scientists, teachers, schools and members of the public

Sci-Seedlets is reaching out to a variety of age groups, especially school children 3-15 years and also adult non-scientists

StomaToy Leaf Cube engaging audiences at Festival of Farming and Food event at MacDonagh for ScienceWeek
(reproduced with kind permission of Teagasc, photo by Dylan Vaughan @dylanvaughanirl)

Sci-seedlets resources spreading Plant Science fun in P3 classrooms at Knightswood Primary School, Glasgow (2021)
StomaToy paper cube attracting wee audiences at Glasgow Science Festival Botanics event (2019)