‘Thaliana: Quest for Gene X’

Our first of its kind serious game offering. It allows children to explore the world of plant science research within the magic circle of the game.

The player goes on a hands-on journey of setting up and performing experiments like leaf-lineup, PCR and electrophoresis as a part of the quest.

The player learns about complex concepts associated with plant science through play. The entire game experience is designed based on inputs from actual plant scientists.

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StomaToys – Learn about Stomata of Plants

Plants have tiny ‘mouths’ called STOMATA on leaf surface that let in carbon dioxide for photosynthesis in exchange of oxygen and water. Stomatal pores can open or close in response to the environment and this behaviour influences the carbon and water cycles on the Earth. Microbial pathogens or ‘germs’ invisible to our eyes can also pass through the stomatal pore. Just like if we humans put hands covered in germs into our mouth, we become sick; similarly, pathogen entering the stomata can cause infection and make plants sick! Stomata close in defence against pathogen entry to prevent disease. Thus, stomata are the guardians of plants!

Play and learn more about stomata with the StomaToys