Thaliana: Quest for Gene X!

‘Thaliana: Quest for Gene X’ is our first of its kind serious game offering. It allows children to explore the world of plant science research within the magic circle of the game.

The player goes on a hands-on journey of setting up and performing experiments like leaf-lineup, PCR and electrophoresis as a part of the quest.

The player learns about complex concepts associated with plant science through play. The entire game experience is designed based on inputs from actual plant scientists.

The access to the game is a couple of clicks away.
We have a quick question for you before you get started.
Would you like to participate in our study related to the game?
We wish to understand how the serious game experience helps with learning of STEM subjects. You will be presented with a short survey after playing the game.
Participation is voluntary, but we appreciate your feedback.
As a thank-you you will get a digital copy of the “Building Blocks of Plants” poster after completing the study.

Yes! Count me in!
No. Take me to the game